#020 - Ex-Elite Level Gymnast Tiahn Pesterey on Self-Awareness & Attending the AIS at 12yrs of Age

Tiahn - The Youth Academy

At the age of 3 this young lady immersed herself into the world of Gymnastics - and what a ride it took her on for the next 12 years of her life...

At 12, she attended the AIS (Australian Insitute of Sport) - a feat that taught her a lot about herself, and about life, at such an early age

She self-admittedly found "El Dorado", only for it to be taken from her due to a lack of funding into the sport she loved so much

In this episode we discuss the challenges being an elite level athlete at such a young age now poses her, how to shift identity, the true role her coached played in shaping her into the phenomenal young woman she is today, and much more

Enjoy this one ladies and gents, she was a peach of a conversation <3 

Nick Maier