#012 - Ben Slater on Escaping The Depths of Hell, Discovering Your True Self, and Living The Life You Want

Ben Slater - The Youth Academy

Ben Slater epitomises the truth that it's not about who we are today that matters most... it's about who we want to become and how hard we're willing to work to become that person

A serial entrepreneur, avid reader, and continual self-learner - Ben has one of the strongest mindset's we've been blessed to come across & holds a mountain of knowledge that can help the next generations live the life they want

In this epic episode we discuss:
- How The Ones Who Love Us Most Will Try To Hold Us Back
- How Fear Is A Driver
- The Natural Flow of Life & Using It To Our Advantage
- Our Top 5 Books The Next Generation MUST Read
- Overcoming Obstacles You See No Way Around
- And Much More...

Nick Maier