#011 - The Godfather of Strength Dan John on Winning World Championships & The Power of Showing Up

#011 Dan John - The Youth Academy


Dan John is renowned as "The Godfather of Strength", having over 30years of experience as a strength coach & also being a past Highland Games Champions & All-American Discuss Thrower 

Dan has been an unknowing mentor of mine for many years and has amassed a mountain of resources due to the immense knowledge & experience he holds. This episode was an absolute pleasure to do, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have this conversation and absorb some of his wisdom

In this episode we discuss:
- What It Takes To Become A World Champion
- The Power of Showing Up
- Why You Want To Be A Warrior & Not A King
- The Do's & Dont's for Future Success
- And Much More...

Nick Maier