#008 - Coach Nick on His Story, The Lessons He's Learned, and Powerful Mindset Tips for Young Athletes...

Podcast #008  -The Youth Academy

Academy Coach Nick's story is one full of adversity & obstacles. An overweight teen who was blessed to represent city & state in Baseball - he saw his dream of becoming a professional athlete slip through his fingers in America at a training camp due to a terrible mindset

What followed was 12 months battling anorexia, orthorexia, depression, and suicidal thoughts - so it's safe to say there have been a few lessons learned along the way to becoming the Dietitian, Strength Coach, and man he wants to become

And in this short & sweet episode, he shares some of those lessons he's learned, as well as powerful mindset tips for the next generations of young athletes & adolescents - so that they do not have to endure the heartache and hell he did

Nick Maier