#006 - Australian Schoolboys Rep Hayden Yates on Dealing With & Overcoming Seemingly Insurmountable Adversity As A Young Athlete & How To Break A Fixed Mindset

Yatesy - The Youth Academy

Hayden Yate is an Australian Schoolboys Rep (amongst a myriad of other accomplishments in Rugby Union, Oztag, Touch Football, and Athletics) with a phenomenal drive and work ethic, who has been blessed to accomplish more than most Young Athletes

Despite what you might believe, the road hasn't been paved with gold the entire way... and "lucky" doesn't turn up anywhere in this young man's story... 

There is, however, a ton of heartache. Adversity. And multiple "punches" to the face

In this episode of The Academy Podcast, we discuss how Young Athletes can:
- Deal with being their own biggest critic & use what they discover to their advantage
- Overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles & adversity that will come their way
- The importance of mindset and how they can break a fixed mindset & develop a growth orientated one
- Learn to say NO to external peer pressures

Nick Maier