#005 - Dietitian Clare Jones on Reframing The Next Generations View Towards Food & Health + The Non-Diet Approach

CJ Podcast - The Youth Academy

General nutrition is, against what you'd think, very simple - we end up making it far more complex than it needs to be - and this view toward food is setting a terrible example for the next generation...

Throw social media into the mix with its warped perception of reality... And it's no wonder we see young athletes & adolescents who are more confused than ever before. Dietitian Clare Jones is an advocate of The Non-Diet Approach and utilises an all-encompassing aspect to health that educates people on tuning into their bodies & reframing their views toward food and health

In this week's episode, we discuss the personal dark times we've had to endure growing up, the influence social media has on the next generation & how they can combat it, the Non-Diet Approach, and reframing kids views of "good" vs "bad" foods 🙌 🙌

Nick Maier