DD28 - Seeking Out Challenges Is The Path To Growth In Life | Logan Gelbrich

"How might I be wrong about this?" - Logan Gelbrich​

It's a brilliant question we should all ask ourselves... Why? Because it's going to cause us to seek out disconfirming information that questions we're wrong and forces us to widen our perspective

It's just one tip that Logan advises the youth to to help them grow and evolve in life 💙

In this Deep Dive, Logan and Coach Nick go into:
✅ How Stress is a Necessary Element for Adaptation
✅ Why We Should Seek Challenges
✅ The 4 Levels of Human Competence
✅ Why All Your Goals Are Outside of Your Control
✅ Why Any Energy Spent Outside The Present Moment is Wasted Energy
✅ And much more...

Enjoy this one fam 💙 It's a cracker!

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Nick Maier
DD27 - 2 ACL Injuries & A Lifetime of Mental Growth | Harri Dowdell

Imagine what it's like to be 2 weeks away from fulfilling your biggest dream and having it ripped away from you...

You go through 12 months of hard work, only for it to happen again, only this time, it's completely outside your control

That's the exact 12 months that our very own Harri Dowdell​ had to endure, but the good news is, he's STRONGER have been through that fire

In this Deep Dive we have a vulnerable and authentic conversation about:

✅ His ACL Injury + Rehab
✅ The Lessons He Learned From It
✅ The Power of A Support Network
✅ His Funniest Joke
✅ And Much More...

Enjoy this one Academy Fam 💙

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Nick Maier
DD26 - Creating A Framework for Changing Lives | Marcus Harden

✅ He's been involved with presidential election campaigns...
✅ He's been working for the majority of his life to give himself to serve a former version of himself...
✅ He's helped create a better life for thousands of young men around America

That's some CV for our guest on this week's Youth Development Hour Deep Dive...

And in this conversation, we cover:
🗣️ Universal Topics & Behaviours for Youth Development
🗣️ How To Create a Framework for Sustainable Behavioural Changes
🗣️ The Future of Youth Development and what it looks like
🗣️ And much more

A brilliant conversation with the people's ninja and Wakandas Dark Knight ;)

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Nick Maier
DD25 - Show Me Your Heart & Authentic Self | Anders Varner

Being at the centre of Strength & Conditioning on a global scale is a pretty special place to live

It introduces you to some amazing experiences and even more amazing people... and along the way, you learn powerful lessons that help shape and transform your life

Such is a part of the story of Anders Varner​. It's one filled with passion, heart, authenticity and vulnerability

This is the 2nd time we've been blessed to have a Deep Dive with this world class human on The Youth Development Hour - and goddam is it raw and vulnerable

Here's some of what you can expect:

✅ Coach Nick shares some personal things he's never shared before

✅ Why the youth have to stop thinking they need to "make it" & why they're already there...

✅ Why John Cena privately flew Anders across the USA

✅ Why your heart matters most

✅ Anders tells his best (see: WORST) joke

✅ And much more...

Vulnerable and powerful, that's what this episode is fam ❤️

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Nick Maier
DD24 - The Power of Supportive Environments | Aphra O'Brien Slade

"People will tell you to go this way or that way, but it's in choosing your own path that leads you where you want to be. It's your decision to make... And you've always got to believe in yourself, as any doubts at all will set you back" - Aphra O'Brien Slade

Powerful. Vulnerable. Authentic. That's how you describe this weeks Deep Dive on The Youth Development Hour with our very own Aphra​ <3

We delve into:
✅ What it takes to compete at a National Level
✅ Sacrifices, Dedication & Reward
✅ Aph's sock & spoon collection...
✅ The difference GREAT coaching makes
✅ The power of environments for growth
✅ And much more...

This one was a heart-warmer fam <3

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Nick Maier
DD23 - Clarity. Belief. Action | Sean Bastock

"Do what you want to do. Follow your instincts. Your higher self... you already know what you should be doing"

That's the piece of advice Coach Sean Bastock​ would pass onto the next generations, and it's perfect in our eyes as it's so simple

In this week's Deep Dive w/ Sean, we go into:

✅ The power of setting intention and giving your attention to it

✅ Our lessons learned from over two collective decades of training

✅ What happens when you set clarity, have belief and take action

✅ Why we're so proud of these Academy Kids

✅ And much more...

Enjoy this special episode Fam ❤️

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Nick Maier
DD22 - Representing Your Country As A Teen | Yasmin Skene

"Work harder for what you want... Even if you think it's going to happen, even if you think you have "talent", hard work is what sets you apart" - Yazzie Skene

Those are the words of advice Australian Floorball Representative, Yazzie Skene​ would pass onto these next generations of youths

And it's perfect, as it's a principle that affects every aspect of life - not just sport

In this weeks Deep Dive, we sit down with Yaz to discuss:

✅ Handling pressure and absorbing it to perform at your best

✅ Confidence, what it is and where you can discover it

✅ What it was like to play for Australia prior to the age of 18

✅ Identity and what it's like to have to change your identity at a young age

✅ And much more...

Enjoy this one Fam <3

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Nick Maier
DD21 - The Power of Vulnerability & Authenticity | Michael Cazayoux

"Showing vulnerability is being courageous"

This is something I can wholeheartedly backup, and a powerful truth that these youth's needed to learn and understand

This weeks Deep Dive guest has overcome addiction and rehab to stand atop the podium of the Crossfit Games and now the business world

He's the true definition of "It's not about who you are today that matters... what matters is who you want to become and how hard you're willing to work to get there..."

In this episode, we discuss:

✅ How to remove negativity from our lives

✅ The power of habits and creating empowering behaviours

✅ How to understand our own minds

✅ Vulnerability, Authenticity

✅ And much more...

Enjoy Kids & Parents ❤️

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Nick Maier