DD19 - Your Words Create Your Reality | Mark England

With our words we create our realities...

It's one of the biggest takeaway's I've had since learning from the world-class Mark England​ of Procabulary​

The mission of Procabulary is to dramatically reduce the amount of unnecessary stress and drama in

the world and to create more powerful, happy people as a result.

As Mark says, “With Procabulary, the conversation - with ourselves and each other - has officially been changed.”

And in this very special Deep Dive in The Youth Development Hour, we touch on:

✅ The 4 table legs of our identity - imagination, feelings/emotions, physiology/posture and how well we breath
✅ Conflict Language vs Architect Language
✅ Expectations vs Excuses
✅ The Most Powerful Way to Set Goals
✅ And more...

Enjoy Fam :D :D

Procabulary offers courses, coaching and life events worldwide. If you'd like more information, visit https://procabulary.org/

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Nick Maier
DD18 - Your Past Does Not Reflect Your Future w/ Esther Mason

On this week's Youth Development Hour Deep Dive, we have an AMAZING human 😍

This phenomenal lady has spent time interning with the world-class coaches at the Onnit Academy in Austin, Texas...

And she has one hell of a powerful, empowering story to tell

We go deep into: 
✅ Self-worth
✅ Using adversity to our advantage
✅ The power of reflection to learn from our past
✅ Training principles
✅ And much more...

If there's one takeaway from this that kids & parents alike will discover & learn, it's that what's happened to us in our past is not a reflection of what our future holds...

For we get to create our future, and the person we are in it ❤️

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Nick Maier
DD17 - A Deep Dive Into All Things Pain, The Mind and The Body w/ Dave Renfrew

A very special Deep Dive this week with world-class physiotherapist, and expert on all things pain, Dave Renfrew <3

This is the 2nd time we've had Dave on for our Youth Development Hour - and goddam did he blow some minds!

Dave is the founder of Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy and he specialises in pain and pain management. And in this episode, we go into:
✅ Pain, Young Athletes and their relationship with it
✅ How to identify pain and what it really is
✅ How to tell when it's the mind "lying" to you
✅ Techniques to deal with pain and understand if it's rational or irrational
✅ The difference between Chewbacca, Yoda, Wookies, and Ewoks
✅ And Much More...

Enjoy Fam! You can listen on iTunes or Stitcher <3

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Nick Maier
DD16 - Affirmations, Intention & A Case for Success w/ Mycal Anders

Mycal Anders​ knows what it takes to achieve dreams...

1️⃣ Setting Intentions

2️⃣ A Growth Mindset + Affirmations

3️⃣ A TON of Consistent, Hard Work

That's how he's created CrossFit PHX​, voted the best CrossFit Gym in America, and has risen to the peaks of his powers as an athlete, husband, father and businessman

In this Academy Deep Dive, we go DEEP into Mindset, Affirmations, Intention Setting, Growth, and much more...

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Nick Maier
DD15 - A Case For Showing Ourselves The Utmost of Self-Love & Self-Care w/ Anat Peri

"Self-Harm my soul, you are causing self-harm" - Marcus Aurelius

Anat Peri is a leader when it comes to:
1️⃣ Understanding ourselves,
2️⃣ Working through our past to better love ourselves
3️⃣ Becoming the person we aspire to become

An absolute pleasure sitting down with her to discuss self-love & the true power of parents over a child's development in their first 7-14yrs of life

It's damn powerful stuff ❤

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Nick Maier
DD14 - From The Pinnacle of CrossFit to The Pinnacle of Business & Fatherhood w/ Jason Khalipa

On this weeks Academy Deep Dive with have an Ex-Crossfit Games Champion... 😍 🏆

Jason Khalipa knows what it's like to excel in multiple aspects of life:
1️⃣ He's reached the pinnacle of his sport 🏆
2️⃣ He's running a World Class Health & Fitness Business 🏋️
3️⃣ He's a World Class Father to his loving family and Role Model to many ❤️

But it hasn't always been rainbows 🌈 and sunshine 🌞

Incredibly grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to go deep into this exceptional man's story + learn about his journey and how he's overcome all the obstacles and adversity to reach multiple peaks in life

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Nick Maier
DD13 - Lessons Learned From The Bike & From Life w/ Bronson Dewar

This week on our Academy Deep Dive, we go a little bit ACTION SPORTS 💥🔥 🏍️

We're blessed to have been able to sit down with the exceptional BronsonThe Motocross Conditioning Coach <3

There's something different about action sports...
There's a whole other level of mentality that it takes to compete...

And we go deep into this

We also touch on some brilliant life lessons learned from competing at a National level in Motocross and Baseball

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Nick Maier
DD12 - Busting the 8hr Sleep Myth & Discovering The Truth w/ Dr Nick Littlehales

This week’s Academy Podcast is guaranteed to NOT put you to sleep, although that’s what it’s all about… 🤔 🤔 This guest has worked with professional sports teams and individuals the world over, including:

1️⃣ Liverpool FC ⚽
2️⃣ Manchester United + City 🏆
3️⃣ Real Madrid (including Cristiano Ronaldo) 😳 😍
4️⃣ The England Cricket/Union and League teams 🏏 🏉
5️⃣ And many more…

He’s also the author of the world-class, best-selling book “Sleep” - and this episode is guaranteed to get you thinking differently about our 8 hours each night, break some myths, and get you thinking differently about getting your zzz's 😴 💤 💤

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Nick Maier
DD11 - All Things Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes w/ Alicia Edge

How’s this for a resume…

1. AIS Experienced Dietitian…
2. Worked with an abundance of professional athletes and professional sports teams...
3. Currently creating a world-changing and empowering business within the dietetic space that will change the game...
4. Is one of the worlds best sports Dietitians…


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Nick Maier