Never have we met such a young man, with such a wise head on his shoulders. The mindset of this kid is something many others should model. Never one to question things, he just gets stuck in and does the work

Name: Bray Guyan
Age: 14
Sport: Rugby League and Rugby Union
Position(s): Hooker & Flyhalf
Nickname: The Natural

How Long Have You Been Playing?
I've been playing League for 8 years, and Union for 7

What's The Biggest Accomplishment You've Achieved So Far?
In league it would be trialling for Harold Matthews squad a year young, and making the second round of cuts but coming very close to making the summer squad! For union it'd have to be being a part of the Country Championship winning side

What Drew You To The Academy?
What drew me to the academy was Nicks Story of his battles in life and seeing the results of the other academy members

What Do You Love Most About The Academy?
What I love about the academy is that you work with other people that have the same goal as you. It's also a fun and encouraging environment which is crucial to a happy athlete

How Has The Academy Helped You So Far?
It helped me improve my strength and power. I've haven't been there for too long but I can see Nick helping me crush my goals in the near future

What's The Biggest Mindset Shift You've Had Since Joining The Academy?
The biggest mindset shift I've had since being in the Academy is most likely to do with the question "If you saw yourself in 12 months who would you want to see?" That question is making me think about my bad habits and changing them

If Yo Could Be Any Superhero, Who Would You Be?
I'd be Deadpool because he is heaps funny and thinks quick on his feet

P.S: for the record, Bray, we already think you are Deadpool