Recovery Made Easy

The Youth Academy believes that every single child deserves the very best of everything. And we know that when it comes to training & performing, it only takes up a maximum of 10% of our time each week - and that the magic happens in that 90% of the time we spend recovering. Along with great nutrition, sleep, hydration, stretching and mobility, Air Relax's system is another piece of the recovery puzzle that helps speed up the recovery process

About Air Relax Australia

Air Relax uses the most advanced digitally controlled air pressure system to provide dynamic compression to limbs compromised by poor circulation.

Most athletes are interested in reducing their recovery time following intense exercise or sporting events. Recent scientific studies have shown that lymphatic therapy provides physiological changes that improves muscular recovery.

he lymphatic system does not have a pump like the heart does. Air Relax delivers that natural sequential compression and flushes waste, which caused soreness, stress and fatigue in the muscles.

Contact Details

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Phone: 0432092585