Who We Are - The Youth Academy

We are a first-of-its-kind facility specifically designed to facilitate growth in the next generations by being the incubator that develops & prepares them for the rigours of their sport & life

We exist for the next generations of young athletes, adolescents, and their families

 We believe that every single young athlete and adolescent deserves access and a chance to developing themselves into the athletes & people they aspire to become

Our Mission is to build the next generations... To do everything within our power to deliver nothing but the very best in all things training, mindset, and nutrition to help build our community up, and show them that their potential truly is nearly limitless

Our Services

All Our Phenomenal Academy Clients Receive The Following:

  • Unlimited Access Each Week to Our Premier Small Group Strength & Conditioning Sessions
  • Individualised Programming Specific to Their Unique Sports, Goals, and Needs
  • On Demand Nutrition Consultations/Advice/Guidance with our In-House Dietitians
  • Ongoing Mindset & Mentoring Sessions, Resources, Books & Activities
  • $100 at the Beginning Of Each Sporting Season to Help Pay for Registrations
  • Sponsorship of up to $600/yr for those at a local representative level or higher, to help pay for accommodation, fees, apparel, etc...
  • And Much More...
Training - The Youth Academy

Premier Small Group Strength & Conditioning Training

Our Training Services Are Limited to 6 Kids Per Coach, and Everyone Receives Individualised Programming Specific to Their Unique Sports/Needs/Goals To Ensure Everyone Gets The Quality They Deserve. Plus, Every Single Client Gets Unlimited Access Each Week To Sessions

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Mindset Books, Resources &

Mindset Is The Foundation Of Everything We Do. And We Place A Huge Emphasis On Mindset & Helping Our Academy Clients Develop A Growth-Orientated Mindset Whereby They Begin To Believe That..

Their Potential Truly Is Nearly Limitless...

And That Any Obstacle They Face In Life They Can & They Will Overcome

Nutrition - The Youth Academy

Nutrition Consultations/
Guidance & Advice

Our In-House Accredited Dietitians Are Always On Hand To Discuss Nutrition At Any Time That Bests Suits Yourself

All Academy Clients Receive Nutrition Consultations As Part of Their Time With Us At n Extra Cost, and Non-Academy Members Can Book In For Consultations Anytime They'd Like

Mentoring - The Youth Academy

Mentoring & Registration Payments

Every Academy Client Receives Unlimited Mentoring & Guidance from Our Phenomenal Coaches. We're Always On hand 24/7 to Talk & Discuss Things Through With Our Clients & Their Families

And at the Beginning of Every New Season, The Academy Provides $100 to It's Family Members to Help Pay for Registration Fee's

Why? Because We Exist For You...